Guaranteed lotto jackpot of 20 million Euros every week

The Liechtenstein Lotto has a guaranteed jackpot of 20 million Euros.

This is insured by Lloyds Brokers of London. So, even if there are jackpot winners week after week, every winner gets the jackpot.
This is a guaranteed prize. When nobody wins, the jackpot amount becomes higher. You can see the jackpot amount if you log in and click Go lotto Gold.

This is what playing the lotto should be like. The one who wins should be financially independent for the rest of their life. Of course, other European lottos also have high prizes – but only sometimes. And with them, even if you are lucky and win, you are left with a guaranteed prize of 1 million that you may have to share with others, when you could (and should) have become rich.

Thank goodness for the Internet. To get to  the Liechtenstein Lotto: click here.