Here are 2 most common myths followed by most players.

1-You can boost your chances of winning by simply playing the same numbers, week after week.

This is just a myth as the conditions for each new lotto game remain the same. The game of lotto depends only on chance and it does not matter if you choose a new number or stick to an old number. The only way of boosting your chances is to play more lines. But, playing on the same number week after week is quite common and easy, and I too use the same strategy.

2-Computers and mathematicians can accurately predict the winning lotto numbers.

This again is a myth as the winning numbers are picked randomly and it is simply not possible to predict such numbers.

Instead of depending on myths, here are some lotto strategies employed by players that regularly play lotto.

Do many people bet on the same numbers at lotto?

Do people have a habit of betting on similar numbers instead of randomly choosing numbers?

Yes, many people tend to choose certain numbers more often, such as simply choosing the series 1-2-3-4-5-6-7, but even if you do win on such a number then you will have to share your prize with many other winners that chose this simple combination.

The numbers mentioned below are also over-represented by many players and start with 21, which is the most common of the lot:

21 9 27 3 8 15 17 28 22 16 10 33 26 11 4 5 14 7 29 2

The best way to actually choose random numbers is to write the numbers on small paper chits and mix them up, before drawing out one number at a time. Alternatively, simply press a button at MyPlusLotto to get random lines in an instant. If you want another set of numbers in its place, simply press the button again.

Lines that are randomly generated and do not have most of the numbers from the above list increase your chances of winning more money by turning up as the sole winner.

You will simply have to keep on playing while using the above tips on how to win lotto if you want to win the jackpot as with all lottery predictions, lotto predictions too are quite difficult.

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