Most state lottos simply keep a large amount for themselves while giving away very small prizes. They do not have any competition due to the monopoly that they enjoy within their country. The state itself is the inspector and also the gambling company. The end result is that they earn money for the state but at the cost of participating players.

Since the money is not ploughed back into winnings, the prizes offered are too low. The guaranteed prize is one million Euros but an unlucky winner can find others waiting to share it with him/her if they have won too. For a player that plays each week, such a lowly prize can be a real damper. If you have managed to win on such a lowly amount then your chances of winning the first prize again are totally negligible. The first prize simply has to be huge and guaranteed too.

You now have a choice of playing some excellent lottos through the Internet due to the agreement made by the EU or the EES, to be exact.

If you play lotto in the USA or even other lottos in Europe, you could simply lose all your winnings due to unscruplous middlemen. Your loss could be in the tune of 15 to 20 million Euros or more. My personal advice would be to only play within the EU/EES where there is no lottery tax and to strictly avoid all middlemen.

There are many wonderful lotteries that can be played over the Internet. One such lottery website is Lucky Lotto but after a lot of research I have found that my personal favorite is surely MyPlusLotto.

As second I choose Liechtenstein Lotto.

You can play using Euros, Dollars or even Swiss Francs and could win the guaranteed Jackpot of 20 million Euros. The second prize too is a cool 2 million Euros.

MyPlusLotto is an honest lotto that will not trick you by gaining your confidence with lies. All your dreams can come true if you win the first prize in lotto. You could become financially set for life and future generations too could enjoy your winnings. Even if you only get 6 numbers right and win the second prize of 2 million Euros, you could still enjoy your life in luxury.

You would also have done charity work while playing lotto as the surplus amount is donated to the Red Cross and is used to save lives.

The second prize in the MyPlusLotto too is a very juicy 2 million Euros.

If you guess the 6 balls correctly but miss out on the additional number, then you would have won the second prize. You still get 2 million Euros, which will allow you to live wildly beyond your dreams and make you financially stable for life.