You can change your lottery habits by playing lotto at the MyPlusLotto, which is controlled by the Government. Die International Lotterie in Liechtenstein Stiftung is a charitable foundation that owns Liechtenstein Lotto and they donate a substantial portion of money from Lotto tickets to the Red Cross. So when you play lotto, you also donate money to those in need.

As compared to many other lotteries in Europe, Liechtenstein Lotto is far superior as it gives you a chance to win the guaranteed jackpot of 20 million EUROS.

All players get a repayment of 60% which is actually what other lotteries keep for themselves. Thus, you have a chance of winning 50% more in prize money.

Your financial life will forever become free from worries once you win the Liechtenstein Lotto. The prize money will be transferred into your account and you will have the option of transferring it to Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG, which is simply one of the safest banks on the globe. They assure complete secrecy and also offer investment advice on your winnings. This will ensure that your money not only lasts through the rest of your life but also through future generations.

You should give luck a chance and play every week. Even if you do not win, you will still have done a good deed. First of all, part of the money paid for that ticket is given to the Red Cross. Other than that, all profits made by the foundation are also given to the Red Cross and to charity. This is totally different from other lotteries that simply take 50% more from your money while also engaging in monopolistic tactics to relieve you of your money.

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