To play MyPlusLotto simply use the Internet. If you get all 6 balls and the extra number correct then the guaranteed 20 million Euros prize money awaits you. The entire amount is yours even if someone else claims the prize in the week before as it is insured with Lloyds of London.

The amazing part is that 60% of the money returns back to the players in the form of winnings as compared to other lotteries that keep the 60%. This translates to 50% more amounts as prizes when you play the MyPlusLotto.

All it costs is 3 EUROS to play a single line and you can also play 50 weeks in advance.

Compared to any other british lottery or e lottery where you would be able to play only 5 to 10 weeks in advance, and might only win 1 million Euros and that too if you were the only lucky winner then MyPlusLotto is the real lotto instead of most state lottos.

Anyway, the owners of MyPlusLotto regularly donate excess money to the Red Cross as it is a charity foundation. So, each time you play, you are simply contributing money to the Red Cross.

I would certainly love to win over 20 million Euros in a lotto prize. Once you win with a full line then your life will never encounter any financial worries. MyPlusLotto attracts players from all around the globe and is certainly one of the best lottos.

Lotto works by choosing winners randomly. You only need to participate in it to win.

So, give yourself a chance to get lucky and watch the 20 million Euros prize money fall into your lap when you win the jackpot, and that too without getting weighed down by any lottery taxes.

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