I, Gert Gambell know my Math and I certainly know what my odds are. Although the odds of winning the lottery or even in lotto are one in many million, I still always play a minimum of one line per week and also suggest that my friends do the same. You might ask, why?

The answer is simple. Since random winners are chosen in lotto, someone certainly is bound to win. It could be anyone that has played for the very first time or it could be a player that has been playing for years. I sincerely believe in giving luck a chance to win. While the prize money is really very high, the price of each line is easily affordable. Hence, you only stand a chance to win if you play.

I actually play every week and will simply do so forever. I think that most of the things that happen in life are based on luck and chance. Lotteries too are based only on chance.

I just want to say ”Give luck a chance” whilst playing MyPlusLotto and aim directly for the huge jackpot.