There are various lotteries that can be played and state lotteries are the easiest to play, although most of them hold a monopoly over the players. They have smaller prizes and also give back less money to the players. Many players also rely on free lottery systems or premium lottery winning systems to enhance their chances at winning more prizes.

This is what happens when the government itself becomes the owner and controller of such games. They simply rake in the maximum amount of money from players due to the monopoly that they enjoy.

If you are the only winner, then you can take home a decently small sum of money. But if you are not the only winner then the sum would be too small to enjoy. Hence, instead of becoming filthy rich, you could end up with money that could barely be enough to buy you a Fiat Punto. Most state lotteries are thus ruled out since they hardly provide sufficient winnings.

You should play lottery online so as to easily enjoy such games whilst sitting at home. While there are many online lotteries to choose from, most foreign ones will only allow you to play through a third party. You have to play through someone else and if that person wins then he/she is supposed to send your winnings to you. All the best to you if you manage to win 15 or 20 million EUROS since they will also have to be transferred into your own account by the other person.

Although in fairy tales, people honestly transfer the money, in reality most agents would simply disappear with your winnings. If an agent in the USA vanishes with your money then you cannot do anything since you need to be an American citizen to report the theft. There are many such ‘agents’ just waiting for their clients to win prizes so that they can simply vanish with their winnings. The simplest lottery advice is to never play through a third party at any foreign lottery.

If you think that betting through a bookmaker is safe then think again. I bet on sports professionally on a part-time basis and have honed my skills at and my method involves either winning or at least getting your money back as told at

You can download my sports betting method for free at and remember that I win. I have come to rename most bookmakers as “circus bookmakers” or “pay-in-only bookmakers” as they simply harass players by lowering bets. I can only bet 2 EUROS at Sportingbet, which is supposed to be “Bookmaker of the Year”. BlueSquare only allows me to place 3 EURO bets at a time. I think that most bookmakers should simply display a sign over their website that states “Only Losers are Welcome”.

Many other bookmakers are just plain cheats. Bets4all simply refused to pay me my winnings. So did Internet1X2. Play it, Vierklee and Goldbet among other bookies just waited till I started winning before canceling my winning bet and giving references to their “fine print” clauses that each player has to agree before they can start betting. This is the bitter truth of most bookmakers, although if you bet a lot on sports then click here to check the best ones. Remember though that once you start winning big money, around 90% of these bookmakers will start harassing you.

Thus, I could never ever trust any bookmaker as my agent if I managed to win the 20 million EURO prize money.

Pay heed to these lottery secrets. Play directly with a reputed lottery company and not through any middleman. The prize money should be huge and the jackpot should be guaranteed. I have researched the entire lottery market and have discovered that MyPlusLotto is one of the very best.

As the jackpot prize is insured by Lloyd’s of London, you are guaranteed to receive your 20 million EURO prize when you win. In case the prize was won by another player in the previous week, you will still win it again as it is insured.

The International Lottery in Liechtenstein Foundation which owns MyPlusLotto is a charitable organization that is controlled by the government. A portion of each stake along with the profit made by the foundation is donated to the Red Cross. It feels comforting when I play since I know that every line that I bet on helps people in need and even saves lives.

The money of each member or player is stored in different accounts in the Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG

Switzerland along with Liechtenstein has a common currency with customs and post, among other things. They also have the same banking laws, which ensure that banks in Liechtenstein will assure you of total secrecy and the best service in the world. The money that you play with will always remain safe and when you win, the bank itself will help you invest your winnings in the best manner possible.

You can simply play through the Internet and can use your credit card among several other ways of payment. You can start winning big money by guessing 3 balls correctly. While other lotteries retain 60% of your money, here you get 60% back.

Approximately every 6th ticket wins some prize or the other since if you get 2 balls correct then you simply win a free ticket for some other draw. The jackpot too is gigantic.

It is extremely simple to play lotto and you can also get random lines to play with just a few clicks, and can even choose your lines for the next 50 weeks. Since you can easily play online, you need not worry about filling loads of forms manually since the computer does all the hard work for you.

I have also won some small prizes over the years that I have played with them. You can easily witness the prize drawings online and in real time over their website. The results are also saved so that you can check them at your convenience. You will also be notified by email when you win and the winnings too will automatically be transferred into your account.

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