A simple lotto can make you win

It has been said many times over and over again:

Why only play on Lotto Draws with jackpot payouts of a half billion?

Sure, great fun with half a billion in the bank, but the problem is that the chance to play to win it is less than the odds that you will find a pinhead in all the world’s haystacks.

Aiming at a regular Lotto with much better odds and lower jackpots is what a lot of pro players are engaged in instead.

By playing on a regular Lotto and play some extra numbers either by yourself or in a syndicate will increase your chances of winning dramatically, not only the jackpot but also the from the divisions with 5,4,3,2 and 1 correct draws along with the extra numbers.


Divisions is a word used often when talking about Lotto Winnings instead of saying Levels or 5 correct together with one extra, four right without an extra and so on.

Come along and I’ll show you how Oz Lotteries Lotto works.

About the game:

Is it Wednesday Lotto numbers are drawn from a machine containing 45 balls, numbered from 1 to 45 for any standard game, so you have to select 6 numbers in this area.

And please, do not use birthdays or any other “special happy dates” because then you’ll probably miss all the chances to win if not all the balls with numbers higher than 31 is jammed inside the machine.

A total of eight balls each of which the first 6 are the winning numbers.

The last 2 balls are the supplementary or extra numbers.

These supplementary balls are used to determine prices in Divisions 2, 5 and 6 (see below).

Now for the fun

A standard game refers to each standard line of numbers selected in a lottery.

Each game you play gives you a chance to win a prize.


By connecting you to a Wednesday Lotto Syndicate, you can share one or more systems and winnings with other players.

Your chances of winning increase dramatically because together you can afford to mark many more numbers than if you are playing alone.

The odds of winning in certain games can make the odds several thousand times better with doubles.

But, promise me that you will not be crying blood when you have to share the profits equally with several players because without them you may not have won at all.

Joining a syndicate is easy, you can do that at the Ozlotteries website


With a system, you can play more numbers than for a standard Lotto Post.

This gives you a slip which includes any combination of the numbers you have chosen.

This type of slip allows players to increase their chances of winning dramatically by playing a wider variety of number combinations.

Super Combo

With a Super Combo, you can enter more number combinations than a standard game, but it does not cover all possible combinations of numbers in the same way as with a system.

What can I win?

Wednesday Lotto offers six divisions or levels of prizes.

Here is what you need to win a prize:

Division 1: All six winning numbers

Division 2: All five winning numbers and one of the supplementary numbers

Division 3: All five winning numbers

Division 4: All four winning numbers

Division 5: All three winning numbers and one of the supplementary numbers

Division 6: 1 or 2 winning numbers and two supplementary numbers

When can you play?

Wednesday Lotto is drawn every week at 8:30 AEDT on Wednesday night (AEDT = GMT +11).

Earnings and dividends are available at Oz lotteries website an hour later.

After each win, OzLotteries.com send out an e-mail to those who win to show how much they have won.