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If you want to enjoy playing a wide range of lottery games without stepping out of your home then you can go online. Australia offers wonderful opportunities to win some serious money while enjoying from a wide range of lotto games. However, you need to ensure that you enjoy online Australian Lotto only at a dependable Australian Lottery Website.

I too was in the same predicament several years ago after I lost my winnings while playing at an unscrupulous lotto website. However, I was lucky enough to discover a totally trustworthy website that has provided countless hours of fun along with humongous prizes.

I have turned into a happy and loyal customer of www.oceanialotteries.com after receiving all my winnings into my account without any delays. If you want to be sure that your online lottery website will not disappear with your 100 Million Dollar jackpot that is usually on offer at this website then you should play only at Oceanialotteries.com just like I do.

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This website is an accredited seller of several well-known online lotteries such as Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Saturday Lotto, Powerball, and OZ Lotto, as well as lucky lotteries such as $2 Jackpot Lottery and the $5 Jackpot Lottery.

The website welcomes players from over 40 countries even though players from the USA are not permitted at present. However, you should check local and federal laws of your own country before you begin playing any version of lotto at Oceanialotteries.

You can easily become a member for free at Oceanialotteries.com with a few clicks. You can begin playing with a mere deposit of AUD 10 into your account.

In fact, the website will reward you with Lotto Points with each purchase of lotto tickets that can be redeemed against lottery entries or in the form of free games based on the number of points at hand.

Other lotto websites might be reluctant to provide information about their parent company or even the location of their website. On the other hand, Oceanialotteries is backed by two of Australia’s biggest lottery exporters, namely, TMS Global Services PTY Limited and TMS New South Wales. These two giants have provided well over 20 years of service to over 500,000 bettors in Australia as well as in around 40 other countries around the globe.

When you win from several prizes on offer at any lotto game at Oceanialotteries, you can withdraw your winnings on the very next day after the results are declared. However, if you win the first or second prize, which involves mammoth amounts of money, you will be able to withdraw your winnings after 17 to 23 days after announcement of the results. Your account at the website will display all crucial information such as your winnings, Lotto Points, account balance, etc.

If you wish to try your luck at Australian Lotto then why not play only at the best Australian Lottery website?

You can visit www.oceanialotteries.com at any convenient time from the comfort of your home and choose from a wide range of lotto games. You can have loads of fun just like me without any worries even as you get ample opportunities to the multi-million Dollar jackpot prize at this trusted website.