Enjoy these Thrilling Lotto Games at a Totally Dependable Lotto Site

Online lotto can be fun and safe only when you are offered a wide range of thrilling lotto games at a totally dependable lotto site. You do not need to try different websites only to end up at scam websites or sites that offer dull games. Instead, you can easily visit a single website that offers a totally secure playing arena, millions of dollars in jackpots, and extraordinary lotto games for complete entertainment.

You can conveniently log on to www.oceanialotteries.com and play your chosen lotto game at any time of the day or night. You merely need to focus on playing your favorite lotto game and hitting the multi-million dollar jackpot prizes since your money and data will remain absolutely safe at this dependable website.

You should note that players from the USA are presently not permitted to play at Oceanialotteries.com. On your part, you should also be 18 years and above and should also check your country’s online betting laws before you register at this site. You can sign up for Free at this website and will also receive a free game upon registration.

Here are a few lotto games that you can enjoy at this secure and encrypted website.

OZ Lotto – Oz Lotto requires you to get 7 matching initial numbers from 9 in the 45 ball machine. Get 7 matching numbers and you win the multi-million dollar mammoth jackpot. You also stand to win many other prizes in case you get the last 2 matching numbers.

Monday Lotto / Wednesday Lotto / Saturday Lotto – Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, and Saturday Lotto each features 45 balls and you can win millions of dollars when you get lucky with 6 matching numbers. Getting 2 additional numbers that match will provide also provide handsome prizes.

Results of Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday Lotto are drawn on the mentioned days respectively and hence the names. The jackpot amounts also differ and are quite attractive.

Powerball – Powerball features 2 different machines with 45 balls each. You must get 5 numbers from one barrel of one machine and 1 Powerball number from the other to win huge jackpots. Additionally, the Power 45 mode will give you a chance to play all possible powerball numbers automatically.

Australian Pools – This thrilling game is based on European and Australian soccer. There are 38 matches displayed on the screen and you need to choose 6 matches that are displayed as numbers. You will win fabulous amounts in case these 6 matches receive the highest scores.

$2 Jackpot Lottery / $5 Jackpot Lottery – These two lotteries are just like raffle tickets that are sold in fixed numbers and the draw dates are declared once all the tickets are sold. These games feature rolling jackpots that keep on increasing. Each game delivers a guaranteed minimum jackpot.

Rather than roam around in your city seeking out lottery vendors or playing at scam websites that will disappear with your money at the first opportune moment, you can easily play your favorite lotto games at a totally dependable website. You need to only visit www.oceanialotteries.com every time you feel like playing lotto games at your convenience.