Why play Lotto Games at a Top Australian Lottery Website

Lotto offers a wonderful opportunity to have fun as well as take home millions of dollars as winnings. However, you can enjoy lotto games and receive your winnings only if you play at a reliable website that is an accredited lottery seller and abides by strict government regulations.

Where can you safely enjoy playing lotto games online?

You should make sure that your computer mouse leads you only to www.oceanialotteries.com.

This website offers lotto games from 2 top lottery exporters of Australia, namely, TMS Global Services PTY Limited and TMS New South Wales. These mammoth companies have catered to over 500,000 happy lotto players in around 40 countries around the world. The website is also operated by Jumbo Interactive, a ASX listed company that is audited regularly and is monitored by strict Australian betting regulations.

Why should I play only at Oceanialotteries.com?

Rather than risk losing your personal data and your money at a scam website posing as a genuine lotto website, why not play at a proven website that is governed by strict government rules? Oceanialotteries not only offers a wide range of exciting lotto games, but also offers jackpot prizes that range from $1 Million to around $100 Million Australian Dollars to lucky bettors.

In addition, the website offers a free game to visitors that become members. Membership is totally free and you can begin playing with 10 AUD in your account. The website also offers flexible payment options such as PayPal, Diners Club Card and other Credit Card options. You will also receive free Lotto Points with each game that you play that can be redeemed for money or be used for future free games.

What types of lotto games are offered by Oceanialotteries?

Oceanialotteries.com offers several thrilling lotto games and lotteries such as Australian Powerball, Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Saturday Lotto, OZ Lotto, and other games such as Australian Pools and the $2 Jackpot Lottery and $5 Jackpot Lottery. All these games are clearly displayed on the website along with jackpot prize amounts, past results, and future draw dates.

You can play different lotto games as per your desire and can easily track your chosen games as well as your balance in your account. The best part is that you no longer need to travel anywhere to buy lottery tickets or play lotto games at any lottery vendor.

What should I know when playing lotto games at Oceanialotteries?

You should be 18 years or over to legally play lotto games at this website. While players from over 40 countries are welcome to play at oceanialloteries.com, players from the USA are presently not allowed to play at this website. In addition, you need to check online betting laws of your own country before you become a member at this website.

Playing lotto can be very entertaining and can certainly change your fortunes at the click of a button. However, you should make sure that your personal information and money is guarded by the website. The only way to ensure fun with safety while enjoying various lotto games is to play at www.oceanialotteries.com.