Just like any other lotto prize won in the EES or the EU, MyPlusLotto too offers you a chance to win around 20 million Euros totally tax free as its first prize.

Just to be sure that the laws were being correctly interpreted by tax authorities, I decided to send them an e-mail for clarification and this is an explanation of their reply:

As regards to your e-mail sent to the Tax Office:


Similar to internal prizes, any prize won on a lottery that is in the EU or EES region is not taxable, subject to certain conditions:

The definition of “lottery”  as per the lottery act. Lottery indicates a business that one or even more participants can partake with or even without a stake and can win an amount that is higher than others. This includes betting, guessing, and drawing lots, along with other similar activities such as bingo, roulette, funfair and market games, card games, dice games, chain letter games, and gambling machines, among others. Although games that require skill like bridge, chess and pool are not included in the above category.

“Foreign lottery” indicates foreign winnings after you have participated in lotteries such as poker or horse betting and win money off them.

The act specifies that only an actual person or a foreign judicial person that belongs to an EU/EES country or resides in one can hold the lottery. This is important as it involves winnings made on the Internet through bookmakers or foreign gambling companies. The fact that this involves gambling with a foreign bookmaker that has its server outside of the EU/EES region does not require seperate rules to the one that it is a foreign lottery played within an EU/EES country.

Kind Regards

The Tax Office