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You should not trust every website that claims to be genuine or offers unbelievable deals since they can easily disappear with your money and data at the first available moment. Your safety lies in only playing at a reliable and proven lotto website such as This dependable website possesses the right credentials to protect your winnings and your data while ensuring that you have loads of fun playing some of the best lotto games on the globe. is operated by noted technology company, Jumbo Interactive. This company is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, is regularly audited, and follows all regulations laid down by the Australian government. The company uses 128 bit SSL encryption to protect your data and money in a highly secure environment at all times.

What’s more, this website markets lotto games of top Australian lottery exporters TMS Global Services Pty Ltd and TMS New South Wales. These two companies collectively have over 20 years of experience in the lottery industry and have satisfied clients located all around the globe including many in South Africa and Asia. You now have the best combination of exciting lotto games offered on a totally secure website. offers super-exciting and highly-rewarding lotto games such as OZ Lotto, Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, Powerball, The Pools, Saturday Lotto, and the ever-popular $2 and $5 Jackpot Lottery. All games featured on the website display their respective draw dates and jackpot amounts next to the names of the games. The best part is that jackpot amounts roll over in most games and can reach a heady 100 Million Australian Dollars.

You can register immediately for free at this helpful website and can immediately play the free game offered to new members. You will also receive free Lotto Points for each game played at this website. These points can later be exchanged for money for even more free games. Other promotional offers and deals make sure that you spend less and play more while keeping an eagle eye on the multi-million dollar jackpot on most lotto games at this website.

Players from most countries are welcomed at, but currently players from the USA are not permitted to play at this website. You should also confirm if your country permits online betting before you register at this lotto website. Once you register, you can use several convenient payment options such as PayPal, BPay, Diners Club Card, and Master/Visa Credit Card to transfer money into your account.

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How to play Lotto Games at your own Convenience

Conventional lotto games call for driving to a lottery vendor, purchasing paper lotto tickets, and driving back home to wait for the draw date. In these fast times where fuel is expensive, and time is too short to spend driving, a convenient and fun way to enjoy lotto games is to go online.

However, the online world does harbor a few websites that pose as genuine lotto websites only to vanish with your personal data and your winnings at the first available moment. What you need to ensure is that you always end up playing only at a totally reliable, secure, and ethical lotto website.

There is one website that offers complete security in terms of protecting your money, your personal information, and peace of mind. You should only visit to play from a fantastic range of exciting lotto games that provide complete entertainment along with unbelievable jackpot prizes.

Do you love to play OZ Lotto, Powerball, or Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday Lottery? Do you wish you could enjoy playing The Pools or all-time favorites, the $2 and $5 Jackpot Lottery? Well, you will find all these thrilling lotto games at With jackpot prizes as high as 100 Million Australian Dollars, you can have fun as well as turn into an overnight millionaire when you play your favorite online lotto games at this website.

If you are wondering just how safe it is to play at, you need not worry. This dependable website markets lotto games offered by Australia’s top 2 lottery exporters, TMS Global Services Pty Ltd and TMS New South Wales. These exporters have a client base of over 500,000 players spread across 40 countries and have been leaders in the lottery industry since over 2 decades.

What’s more, this SSL encrypted secure website is managed by Jumbo Interactive. This iconic company is a subsidiary of a publicly listed company, is audited regularly, and adheres to strict guidelines issued by the Australian Government. Your personal information and money is completely safe in your account at this website at all times.

Registration at this website is totally free while you receive a free game once you sign up. Additionally, Lotto Points get added to your account when you play a new game. These points are redeemable for money or against new games. You should note that players from the USA are presently not permitted to play at this website. On your part, you too should confirm if your country permits online betting as well as online transfer of funds for betting. offers convenient methods of depositing funds into your account at their website. You can use Master or Visa Cards, Diners Club Cards, PayPal, or BPAY for safe transfer of funds while you focus on hitting the humongous jackpots mentioned against each lotto game.

In these cash and time-starved times, you can still enjoy several pleasures of life such as playing lotto games at your own convenience. You merely need to visit once to realize that this dependable and player-friendly website offers tons of fun and money in a completely secure online environment.

Beware Of Lottery Scams, Play Risk-free

Swindlers, scamsters, conmen, and other numerous scammers have already been conning innocent gullible individuals through lotto ripoffs from the moment organized lotto institutions came into being. However, lately with high bandwidth being obtainable across the developed world as well as in many areas of the underdeveloped world, online and many other lotto cons have become the usual. It’s not necessarily unusual for you to get emails congratulating you on earning a lotto you will have by no means played. On account of email filters most of these nuisance is minimized, although not totally taken out. To this day people do fall victim to such scams and even lose a reasonable bit of hard earned cash.

The anatomy of a lottery fraud:

A person typically get an electronic mail from an international lotto organization congratulating one on making handsome winnings; it is a different matter that you have never ever played that particular lottery. But the sophisticated language and amazingly high amounts offered trap gullible gamers. The e-mail will claim that you have won lotto jackpots, or perhaps inherited obscene quantities of wealth, or claim that you’re entitled to some buried treasure, etc. However, you will find there’s catch at the end of each such email; you must give a certain amount to the sender to be able to process your claim.

Now pretty much everything appears to be easy to recognize, but a lot of persons continue to fall prey to such fraud. The 1st documented scam of this sort was documented in 1588, also referred to as the Spanish Prisoner scam. The crux of the matter is the fact that scamsters lately use names of legit lotteries as well as multi-national corporations like British National Lotto, Jamaican Lottery, Microsoft lottery, etc. The service fees expected beforehand for processing your claims are generally shown as transfer charges, registration charges, or perhaps processing charges. The minute you observe all these lines in the mail you must immediately red-flag this. Another dead giveaway for these kinds of ripoffs is their insistence on maintaining confidentiality.

What you should do in such instances:

* Don’t ever reply to these kinds of e-mail
* Under no circumstances disclose private specifics such as bank account number, contact numbers, and also other personalized information
* Never get in touch with the sender to substantiate the earnings

Avoidance is better than being remorseful later on
* Just remember if you have never ever played the lotto you can never be the winner
* Generally deal with well-known agencies or businesses. Even better play at reputed and safe places like
* When you get a notice to pay advance towards claiming an prize for a lottery that you have in no way played, just simply flag that electronic mail as rubbish

These are typically some of the precautions that you must take to steer clear of being conned by such devious ripoffs. Stay safe and play safe at Good Luck!!

Lotto Tips That could Never Fail You

In our efforts in making life easy for you we are herewith presenting some tips which happen to have never ever failed any of our consumers. These tips are only indicative and will without doubt increase your chances of hitting the all coveted jackpot. However, a word of caution � these pointers do not guarantee outcomes, they only improve your prospects for succeeding.

Here are some tips that you can comply with

On line odds calculators
There are several sites that come with online odds calculators. The principle behind these kinds of calculators is they check the numbers that have been drawn in a specific span and estimate which numbers could possibly be drawn all over again.

Paid off numbers
It is a product that accumulates almost all numbers which may have never been drawn in the recent past and offers you a mix of these numbers. However, you simply must not combine paid off numbers with ones that have paid off.

Play in order to earn, however don�t go for the sky
This is the most tried as well as trustworthy way to win significant amounts. The larger the lotto the more number of people it is going to draw. The key is if the lotto is small-scale, few individuals may play therefore improving your probability of succeeding.

Lottery pools or perhaps syndicate
This is yet another procedure that has given rich benefits to any number of lottery online players. Actually the top ten champions of most lotteries consistently features more than one pools or alliance. It is a low risk way of making some funds. However, your earnings must be shared among affiliates with the pool or alliance. In case the jackpot is actually big, may be almost all could stop working to a calm life without ever being required to work.

These are a few of the tips you can adhere to. You will realize that these are not highly brainy guidelines, even so lottery is actually a game of chance and you can triumph only and only if lady luck smiles on you.

The best idea that any of us can offer you is you look to lotto as a fun and entertaining exercise. Don�t make it your career. No person has previously planned and won a big jackpot. Lottery or lotto really should be fun that makes you dream and also have some mind trip. Playing to be able to triumph is sure shot formula for devastation.

Playing at well respected and dependable internet sites like might be first step. This is probably the most respected lotto companies in The eu. It is owned by the Swedish Cherry Company and takings are actually guaranteed by banking institutions.

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All the best !!!

Enjoy Thrilling Lotto Games from the comfort of your Home

Playing lotto games the conventional way can be very tiring and expensive in these fast-paced times. You would need to travel through increasing traffic to a lottery vendor, buy paper lottery tickets that damage the environment, and wait patiently for the results to be announced.

The worst part is that you would not be able to play lotto whenever you experience that lucky mood. Most of your time and money would be spent in traveling and paying for costly fuel. However, an extremely affordable and convenient way of playing several thrilling lotto games awaits you on your pc or laptop.

You merely need to go online and seek out a trustworthy and secure website that offers tons of lotto games along with tons of jackpot prizes. Rather than lose your winnings as well as your personal information as you begin playing on different lotto sites, a better way would be to just visit an established website that has the best credentials to ensure your safety while you enjoy various lotto games at the site.

One website that offers excellent lotto games in a completely secure playing environment is This innovative website offers lottery products from Australia’s top rated lottery exporters TMS Global Services Pty Ltd and TMS New South Wales. These companies have serviced well over 500,000 clients in more than 40 countries since 2 decades.

In addition, the company powering this dynamic and secure website is Jumbo Interactive, which is a technology company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange as well as audited regularly. Your mind can be at rest with the thought that you will always be safe while playing at one of the most secure lotto website when you log on to

You can sign up for free at this player-friendly website and can also claim your first game for free upon registration. What’s more, Lotto Points awarded for every lotto game played at this website will also help you play extra games for free. Flexible payment options such as PayPal, Master/Visa Credit Cards, Diners Club Cards, and BPay will help you transfer money securely into your account.

You can choose from several engrossing lotto games such as Monday Lotto, Wednesday Lotto, OZ Lotto, Powerball, Saturday Lotto, The Pools, and the $2 and $5 Jackpot Lotteries. You can play several games at a time and will receive results of each played game in your email inbox automatically. You no longer need to fret about keeping tabs on draw dates once you begin playing online lotto games at this fantastic website.

Players from many countries are welcome to play lotto games at this website, but unfortunately players from the USA are currently not allowed to play here. In addition, it makes sense to check first if your country permits online lotto and transfer of funds using the above payment options before you register.

The traditional method of burning money on fuel to purchase paper lottery tickets is now in the past. You need to adapt to latest technology that offers a fun, convenient, and safe way of playing lotto online. You need to only visit a trusted and secure website such as that provides the best lotto games with jackpots as high as 100 Million Australian Dollars.

In Defense of Online Gambling

During these severe global financial times if we were to commit to dispose off an industry that adds vast amounts to state kitty, we might be doing our self and also our own community huge damage. The massive levels of tax amassed on winnings and also tickets by authorities around the world continues to fund important services which aid citizens around the globe. These are days of unexpected budget cutbacks and if in this circumstances we choose to suspend wagering or more notably online gambling we’ll be judged rather harshly by history. We all owe it to our current and also future generation that we really do not take this misstep and do things in a big hurry.

On-line gaming or perhaps online gambling has grew alot significantly during the past 10 years and it indicates no indications of slowing down. As a result of the availability of bandwidth internet poker as well as other online games certainly are a trend around the globe. This is a expanding sector in some countries, a sunrise industry in some, and a full-fledged business in others. However in just about all countries it is contributing significant volumes to the state exchequer, thus facilitating funds social programmes.

People who discuss the ill-effects regarding betting would do well to acknowledge this sector has taken the burden of educating gamers on risk-free gambling practices. The majority of gaming organisations not simply protect their users, but in addition tutor and promote safe betting lifestyle.

Another important point that proponents of Gambling bans really should recognize is the fact their pursuits are actually threatening the most fundamental privileges of citizens � independence. Betting or not gaming should and is a point of personal liberty. If we let our liberty be trampled by government authorities then we are going to rapidly find ourselves on a slippery downward slope. Sure most of us do respect the right of other people that hold the belief that betting or online gambling is usually undesirable and dangerous for society. However, what we don�t value is the right of such good intentioned people to take advantage of the authorities machinery to prevent men and women from becoming millionaires.

Online gaming or gambling online has every one of the controls like permits and rules to see that it doesn�t spin out of control uncontrollably. There is also a system in all nations around the world to get the all-important tax and safeguard the interests of those who win as well as avid gamers.

Taking into consideration such inescapable fact it is vital that online gaming and also gambling portals and also websites must make certain safe and secure gambling alternatives for its users. In European union for instance there is EuroLotto which is certainly among the good internet sites which offers safe and sound betting alternatives for Europeans. This company is actually owned by Swedish Cherry Company and offers bank warranty to its members that win. The jackpots are definitely not obscenely massive and the internet site encourages safe and secure gambling.
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